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· 3 min read
Naman Goel

We're excited to release StyleX v0.6.1 with some big improvements for working with CSS custom properties (aka "variables") as well as numerous bug-fixes.

Improvements for variables

We've added some new features and improvements for working with variables and themes in StyleX.

Fallback values for variables

You can now provide a fallback value for variables defined with the stylex.defineVars API. This new capability does not introduce any new API. Instead, the existing stylex.firstThatWorks API now supports variables as arguments.

import * as stylex from '@stylexjs/stylex';
import {colors} from './tokens.stylex';

const styles = stylex.create({
container: {
color: stylex.firstThatWorks(colors.primary, 'black'),

Using a list of fallbacks variables is supported.

Typed variables

StyleX introduces a brand new set of APIs for defining <syntax> types for CSS variables. This results in @property rules in the generated CSS output which can be used to animate CSS variables as well as other special use-cases.

The new stylex.types.* functions can be used when defining variables to define them with a particular type.

import * as stylex from '@stylexjs/stylex';

const typedTokens = stylex.defineVars({
bgColor: stylex.types.color<string>({
default: 'cyan',
[DARK]: 'navy',
cornerRadius: stylex.types.length<string | number>({
default: '4px',
'@media (max-width: 600px)': 0,
translucent: stylex.types.number<number>(0.5),
angle: stylex.types.angle<string>('0deg'),
shortAnimation: stylex.types.time<string>('0.5s'),

Once variables have been defined with types, they can be animated with stylex.keyframes just like any other CSS property.

import * as stylex from '@stylexjs/stylex';
import {typedTokens} from './tokens.stylex';

const rotate = stylex.keyframes({
from: { [typedTokens.angle]: '0deg' },
to: { [typedTokens.angle]: '360deg' },

const styles = stylex.create({
gradient: {
backgroundImage: `conic-gradient(from ${tokens.angle}, ...colors)`,
animationName: rotate,
animationDuration: '10s',
animationTimingFunction: 'linear',
animationIterationCount: 'infinite',

This can be used achieve some interesting effects, such as animating the angle of a conic-gradient:

This new capability is primarily about CSS types, but the new API also makes the TypeScript (or Flow) types for the variables more powerful.

As can be seen in the example, generic type arguments can be used to constrain the values the variable can take when creating themes with stylex.createTheme.

ESlint plugin

New sort-keys rule

We've added a new sort-keys rule to the StyleX ESlint plugin. This rule is a stylistic rule to enforce a consistent order for keys for your StyleX styles.

Thanks nedjulius & QingqiShi

Improvements to propLimits for valid-styles rule.

The valid-styles rule has been improved to allow more expressive "prop limits".


  • ESlint 'valid-styles' rule now allows using variables created with stylex.defineVars as keys within dynamic styles.
  • Bug-fixes to the experimental stylex.include API
  • Fixed debug className generation for stylex.createTheme
  • Units are no longer removed from 0 values
  • Compilation bug-fixes

Our Ecosystem page continues to grow with community projects. Including a Prettier plugin for sorting StyleX styles.

· 2 min read
Naman Goel

We're excited to release Stylex v0.5.0 with some big improvements and fixes!

New stylex.attrs function

The stylex.props function returns an object with a className string and a style object. Some frameworks may expect class instead of className and a string value for style.

We are introducing a new stylex.attrs function so StyleX works well in more places. stylex.attrs returns an object with a class string and a style string.

New sort-keys rule for the Eslint plugin

A new @stylexjs/sort-keys plugin has been introduced which will sort styles alphabetically and by priority. This will make media query order more predictable.

Thanks @nedjulius!

New aliases option for the StyleX Babel plugin

A new aliases field can be used to configure StyleX to resolve custom aliases that may be set up in your tsconfig file. NOTE: StyleX currently needs to be configured with absolute paths for your aliases.

Thanks @rayan1810!

New Esbuild plugin

A new official plugin for Esbuild has been introduced as @stylexjs/esbuild-plugin.

Thanks @nedjulius!

Other Enhancements

  • Configuration options passed to the StyleX Babel plugin will now be validated.
  • The @stylexjs/stylex now has ESM exports alongside the commonJS exports.
  • The ESLint valid-styles rule will catch when using empty strings as string values.

Bug Fixes

  • Some CSS properties which previously caused type and lint errors will now be accepted.
  • Using variables for opacity will no longer cause type errors.
  • Using stylex.keyframes within stylex.defineVars will now work correctly
  • runtimeInjection will correctly be handled
  • Setting the value of variables from defineVars as dynamic styles will now work correctly.
  • Usage of 0px within CSS functions will no longer be simplified to a unit-less 0 as this doesn't work in certain cases.
  • Spaces around CSS operators will be maintained.

In addition to these, we've added an "Ecosystem" page to our website to highlight various community projects around StyleX.

· 2 min read
Naman Goel

Three weeks ago, we open-sourced StyleX. Since then, we've been diligently fixing bugs and making improvements. Here are some of the highlights:


  • The amount of JavaScript generated after compilation has been further reduced.
  • Added support for some previously missing CSS properties to the ESLint plugin.
  • Added support for using variables in stylex.keyframes.
  • Removed the code for style injection from the production runtime, reducing the size of the runtime by over 50%.
  • Added Flow and TypeScript types for the Rollup Plugin.
  • Added the option to use CSS Layers in all bundler plugins.
  • TypeScript will now auto-complete style property names.
  • Bundler plugins will now skip files that don't contain StyleX, resulting in faster build times.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the ESLint plugin was sometimes unable to resolve local constants used for Media Queries and Pseudo Classes.
  • Resolved a bug where the runtime injection of styles in dev mode would sometimes fail.
  • Addressed a bug where styles injected at runtime during development would sometimes suffer from specificity conflicts.
  • The TypeScript types for Theme will now correctly throw an error when applying a theme for the wrong VarGroup.

In addition to these, we've made other improvements to the types and documentation. I want to extend my gratitude to all the contributors for their pull requests. ♥️

Happy New Year!