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Editor integrations

Visual Studio Code

  • StyleX Intellisense is an experimental extension for Visual Studio Code that provides auto-complete for StyleX and inline previews for colors.

Third-party bundler integrations


The following community-maintained plugins are available for Vite:


Unplugin is a way to use plugins across different bundlers. The following community-maintained plugins are available for Unplugin:

Babel plugins

Custom babel plugins can be used before using the StyleX babel plugin or as the babelConfig.plugins option to the various bundler plugins to add additional features.

  • tailwind-to-stylex converts Tailwind CSS used within className attributes or tw() calls to StyleX.

Starter templates

  • next.js A next.js project with StyleX support.
  • qwik A Qwik project that uses StyleX and tailwind-to-stylex.
  • docusaurus 3 A docusaurus 3 project with StyleX support.
  • SvelteKit A SvelteKit project with StyleX support.