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StyleX was originally created by Sebastian McKenzie in 2018. Today, StyleX has a team of contributors supporting it at Meta.


  • Joel Austin
  • Nadiia D.
  • Naman Goel (Lead)
  • Nestor Vanz
  • Nicolas Gallagher

Past contributors

We’d like to recognize the people who have made significant contributions to StyleX and its documentation over the years.

  • Ankit Sardesai
  • Dennis Wilkins
  • Frank Yan
  • Jerry Su
  • Sebastian McKenzie
  • Will Hastings

Additional thanks

Additionally, we’d like to acknowledge the influence of the following projects and individuals:

  • Atomizer and Thierry Koblentz for pioneering atomic CSS at scale.
  • React Native and Christopher Chedeau for developing the idea of CSS-in-JS.
  • React Native for Web and Nicolas Gallagher for first generating conflict-free atomic CSS from CSS-in-JS.
  • Linaria for demonstrating the use of CSS Custom Properties to drive the values of dynamic styles.