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Configuration options

export type DevRuntimeOptions = {
// Prefix to applied to every generated className
// Default: 'x'
classNamePrefix?: string,

// Should `px` values for `fontSize` be converted to `rem`?
// It is a best practice to use `rem` for font sizes to allow
// users to scale the font size up or down.
// Default: `true`
useRemForFontSize?: boolean,

// Strategy to use for merging styles
// Default: 'application-order'
// The last style applied wins. Consistent with how inline styles work on the web.
| 'application-order'
// More specific styles will win over less specific styles. (margin-top wins over margin)
// Consistent with how React Native works.
| 'property-specificity'
// @deprecated
// Similar to 'application-order' but incomplete and error-prone.
// Will be removed in a future release.
| 'legacy-expand-shorthands',

// A custom function to handle inserting styles into the DOM.
insert?: (
// Unique key for the style.
// aka the className.
key: string,
// The CSS rule to insert as string.
ltrRule: string,
// The priority of the rule.
// priorities should be sorted in ascending order.
// The priority jumps by 1000 for every `@layer` needed.
priority: number,
// There may sometimes be a RTL equivalent of the rule.
// Usually this will be `void`
rtlRule?: ?string,
) => void,